Sketch to control 3 LEDs

The sketch below causes three LEDs with the colors red, yellow, and green, to light up
in sequence like a traffic light.

/* Blink a series of external LEDs attached to pins 8, 9, and 10 */

#define RLED 8 
#define YLED 9 
#define GLED 10

void setup() {
    pinMode(RLED, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(YLED, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(GLED, OUTPUT);
    digitalW ite(RLED, LOW);
    digitalWrite(YLED, LOW);
    digitalWrite(GLED, LOW);

void loop() {
    digitalWrite(RLED, HIGH);   // Turn on the red light for 2s
    delay(2000);                // Red lights take a loooong time
    digitalWrite(RLED, LOW);    // Turn off the red light and immediately turn on yellow
    digitalWrite(YLED, HIGH);
    delay(250);                 // Doesn't it seem as if yellow lights are always really short?
    digitalWrite(YLED, LOW);
    digitalWrite(GLED, HIGH);   // Turn on the green light for only 1s
    delay(1000);                // Green lights always seem too short!
    digitalWrite(GLED, LOW);