Controlling Motors with an Arduino

Motors are at the heart of robotics. Most robots have a few motors, some have
dozens of motors. The selection and effective use of motors is obviously a
central issue in designing and building robots that do what you want.

One way to distinguish the many types of motors is by the mechanism used to
control them. The table below provides some rough categorization of motors,
according to what they control:

Type of Motor What Can Be Controlled How It Is Controlled
Simple (“toy”) DC motor Speed Vary the Voltage
Servo motors, esp. RC motors Position (from 0° to 180°) Pulse Width
Industrial servo motors Position AND speed control Customized circuitry
Stepper Motors Position (from 0° to >360°) Sequence of Discrete HIGH/LOW Signals

The packets in this section focus only on hobbiest (RC) servo motors, since they
are the simplest type to interface to an Arduino.