To Do

  1. Start out by modifying the demo program in the Colorduino_FW library..
    For example, change the string that scrolls near the beginning of the program from:

    String message = “Hello, nice to meet you!”;


String message = "Robotics and beyond";

Recompile and download.

  1. Change the foreground color for the heart image. A set of colors
    is pre-defined in the colors array:
Index Color
0 white
1 red
2 orange
3 yellow
4 green
5 blue
6 purple
7 brown
8 black
9 white

To change the foreground color to one of the colors above, use the
setColor() command. For example, change




to make the foreground color purple.

  1. Experiment by changing the scrolling speed in one of the
    scrolling function calls. For example, the call to the function

    scroll(message, 40, -1);

could be slowed down by increasing 40 to, say, 80.

  1. (Harder) Try writing your own function, e.g., to draw a triangle, using
    the function drawLine.