Doing More with Serial.print()

This packet shows a few ways to get more out of the built-in Arduino commands
Serial.print(), and Serial.println().

Improved print formatting:
The “Serial Console” embedded in the Arduino program doesn’t understand many
formatting features that you might expect on a text console, such as “Clear Screen”,
or “Move Cursor to Start of Line”. However, it does understand a few text formatting
characters, and these can be used to align columns of data or to separate distinct
blocks of data. A little text formatting goes a long way to making a more useable
display output.
Simplified coding:
Since Serial.print() can only print a single value, any sketch that needs to display
2, 3 or more values expand quickly. Long sketches are not only unwieldy but error
prone. this packet shows how to streamline your code so that multiple values can
be displayed with a single invocation of Seriial.print().

Going Further ##

There are other ways to get much more flexibility in the output displayed
by your Arduino, e.g.: