To Do

  1. Modify the sample sketch so that the delay time is 200 msec rather than 100 msec. Note that this
    effectively compresses the horizontal scale so that instead of spanning the time
    100 msec x 500 values = 5,000 msec = 5 sec it now spans twice as much time.

  2. Experiment with higher and lower values of the constants being plotted which control the
    vertical scale of the plot.

  3. Use the Arduino as a simple graphing calculator. Instead of plotting a physical quantity being
    measured from one of the input ports, plot (say) the sine of an angle as that angle changes
    from 0 to 360 degrees. To do this, you will need to convert the angle from degrees to radians;
    i.e., each time the loop is run, so your sketch will look something like:

    int theta = 0;

    void loop() {
    double sinOfTheta = sin(theta * DEG_TO_RAD);

    Plot the value of sinOfTheta here

    theta = theta + 1;