Using Pushbutton Switches

This packet shows you how to use a pushbutton switch to turn on a device
(or a whole suite of devices). Actually, it shows you just one way to
use a push button.

Consider these two scenarios:

  1. You wish to use a pushbutton so that while you have the pushbutton pressed,
    some action takes place, e.g., an LED turns on.

  2. You wish to use a pushbutton so that when you push the button, some previous action
    is reversed
    ; e.g., if an LED was on, it is turned off (until you push the button again),
    and if an LED was off, it is turned on until you push the button again.

In the second mode above, the pushbutton is used as a “latch”. Latches are not as simple
as you might imagine; they are covered in another packet.

Switch Nomenclature